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guardian log 4.105.j ~~~~~ jumphish

It turns out remaining in the shadows is much harder than I had anticipated.  I'm not a dainty hunter and I have quickly come to the realization that my hot pink SRL midnight lumos shader was a horrible choice for this expedition.  You might be wondering why I don't change it out, well its the same reason I can't change anything out right now, BG and Shadow had the wonderful idea of relinquishing all of our excess inventory to our vaults in order to make room for the "sweet loot" that we would pick up from this Raid.  Now here I am, no loot, no backup gear, trying to hide as a giant hot pink princess with no clue on whether or not the rest of my fireteam is even alive.  I can't stay here any longer if I don't go punch something I'm going to end up wasting my super as an anxiety bubble.  wait... I have an idea...  I'll get back to you tomorrow