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guardian log 4.106.j ~~~~~ jumphish

IT WORKED...  IT FREAKING WORKED!!..  I knew that if I would have any chance at survival it wouldn't be from hiding, so I redirected my efforts towards building up some defense.  I read a while back about kessler syndrome, where there's so much debris in orbit you can't place a satellite without it getting demolished, so they started equipping warsats with ACD (active contact defense)..  They can obsorb energy from smaller debris, and when something bigger gets in the way it releases a blast to clear a path.  Anyways I found a downed warsat and was able to modify its superconductor to make my own ACD in the form of gauntlets.  I think I'll call them AC-DC feedback fence.  I'm still trying to lay low, but I feel a little more comfortable engaging smaller enemies now.