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guardian log 4.043.b ~~~~~ bgrishinko

Calus was a lie.

It's been nearly 4 months since we first discovered this terrible truth. He has been taunting us with replicas. Testing us. Goading us to do his bidding. It is all a game for him. He even managed to trick us into eliminating the Vex that were in his Leviathan ship like we were some sort of galactic exterminator coming over to get rid of his infestation. All I can think though is we need to keep doing his tests and see what more we can discover about him. Is Calus the enemy we thought he was? Is he even alive anymore? Could he even be.... an ally?

We've made contact with others who also wish to end the menace that is Blargh the Unkempt. Noob, who appears to be from an ascended plain of existence has joined us in our travels. I hear he is related to some sort of space pirate, so his connections may come in handy.