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guardian log 4.111.j ~~~~~ jumphish

Good news, I finally found bgrishinko and shadow again and we teamed up with a few others to go check out this really cool space cruise ship thingy.  Bad news, I'm super lost.. again.

bgrishinko was going on and on and on about realms and codes and RedGas extra dumb IT while I was jumping around exploring.  I might have fallen off the ship a couple of times, but it really wasn't my fault... ever since I got my light back my jumps really don't carry the same momentum they used to.  There was a time where I could harness the pulse of consecutive jumps and out run even the fastest hunters, now I'm slow and often miscalculate how far I can jump.  Anyways, after my last failed jump I re-spawned inside a maze of industrial hallways.  I swear I've explored every route, but I get the feeling I'm going in circles... oh and guess what that new map/radar I got... yeah it doesn't work here..

UPDATE - found them, though I'm still not sure why I wanted to..  Perhaps the fumes from the blue flames and purple floor had gotten to them, because the second I got there I was asked to join a dance party at the feet of a giant yet barely clothed cabal while bg lit him self on fire near the door.  I never turn down a dance party though, so I obliged, and i thought fatty was about to join us as well, but no..  he stomped us.. and only moments later we found ourselves transported into a nightmare that I can't describe.

shadow said it was all part of the plan, a plan that I was promised included some easy loot, but we all left empty handed.  Apparently the plan needs some work, If I know bg, he'll have some ideas for next time, and I'm a sucker for loot, so I'll probably join.. also I want to see fatty go down..