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guardian log 4.109.j ~~~~~ jumphish

I'm sitll 90% convinced that Shadow is certifiably crazy, but he's not dumb.  To assist in walking me through getting this HUD radar figured out he boosted our party coms and found enough bandwidth to allow me to patch through a live 3rd person video feed from my ghost, there are connection glitches here and there, but he's pretty proud of it and affectionately named it a "twitch feed".  After breaking down a handful of random scouts he talked me through putting the parts together to form a MIDA scout, which basically just collects stats on its usage.  Where it gets really interesting is that the manufacturers hid an easteregg in the telemetry module, unlocked by boosting certain stats.. really dumb stats... like jump in the air and shoot stuff while airborne dumb.  I'm almost completely convinced that BG and Shadow never really needed twitch to walk me through building the weapon, they just wanted to watch me, the bulky midnight lumos "salmon pink" titan, try to stealthfully sneak up on low level enemies and then awkwardly jump and flop around trying hopelessly to hit my target..  After a few minutes of painfully awkward attempts, the hilarity of the situation wore off for BG and he politely informed me that hitting my targets while standing on any elevated object tricked the telemetry module into counting the stat..  anyways I have a radar now, and by this time tomorrow I should be teamed up with BG and shadow.