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guardian log 4.109.b ~~~~~ bgrishinko

OH MAN! You shoulda seen jumphish jumping around like a damned fool. It was amazing! Shadow and I could barely keep it together. That being said, I was able to take some interesting notes about the movement patterns of Titans from it, which was my real goal in the end. It is interesting the extended float time they have despite not being trained in the mystical arts like us Warlocks. You don't see Hunters hovering while jumping, they drop like a rock. Yet despite the Titan's mass, it manages to stay afloat. I will have to speak with jumphish in a non-descript way to try and gleam more information about the subject. Anyway, Shadow's "Twitch" experiment seemed to have failed as well. We could not efficiently remotely monitor jumphish. He's proceeding with a beta program that has much the same capabilities of the twitch program code named "Beam." We will have to wait and see if that will serve as useful. In other news, I overheard some kids talking about some man called "The Rat King" while I was doing my cardio while taking my daily track run around the tower grounds. I'm not sure what that's about, but apparently there's an army of some sort out there under his command. I'd be interesting in finding the origin of this rumor, one of the kids mentioned Titan. Another reason to speak with jumphish again.