Messages intercepted from several guardians' personal memoirs
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guardian log 4.110.b ~~~~~ bgrishinko

We entered the great beast of a ship in search of he who controlled it. The extravagance on display was beyond comparison. The walls of this so called Leviathan (it must have been named after the ancient massive creature the Hive fought against with the same name) seemed to be made of Gold at every turn. Mud baths, Gardens for their animals, gladiator style arena games… it all felt very disconnected to the purpose of this massive ship. Was not this ship intended to destroy planets as it sucked them into its gaping maw? Calus taunted us over the ship's loud speaker inviting us to be tried against a variety of challenges, but rather than participate in the silly games that Calus intended for us, we managed to find our way into a service corridor. Well jumphish kept falling off the edge of the ship and couldn't find the corridor, but that's another matter. We received an encrypted message from the IT department of a mysterious group called "Radegast's Extra Detailed Data." I'd received good anonymous advice from this group before when fighting the Hive general Crota.
They'd informed me previously about the details in which the Hive's Ascendant Realm was linked to our own. Between our dimension and the Hive's, there is a link of sort. As a Warlock, I was familiar with the concepts of Hive Sword Logic and how these dimensions were connected. Referencing Stijn's 3rd Law of Quantum Entanglement, actions in one dimension have a direct link to at least one or more other dimensions. Depending on nature of the particular quantum connection, results may appear psychic in nature or could have real physical manifestations. In the case of the Hive Ascendant Realms, the Hive's thought processes and physical forms are dependent on this link existing. Even when the Hive are destroyed in our world and retreat physically to the Ascendant Realm, their mental link remains. Normally the Hive's mental link cannot be severed, and any attempt to do so would just reconnect via other paths piggybacking on our own mental link between dimensions. I believe this might have what led to Eris Morn being so…. well never mind. The advice I'd received from Radegast's IT department was that if this mental psychic link between our realm and Crota's Ascended Realm was severed at just the right moment when Crota was at his most vulnerable, he'd be torn between dimensions and his mind would no longer function to control his body correctly.  The dangerous part was that I'd need to also sever my own link between the dimensions and risk being lost forever. However, the risk was worth it. After destroying Crota's protective barrier and he knelt to recharge, I severed the link between our worlds just briefly including my own, the pain was unbearable, but only lasted a short time. With effort I was able to re-establish my own link across dimensions, but he was unable to re-establish his psychic link. He was unable to move. It was from this experience I learned to trust the Radegast's IT department.

Anyway, they'd provided me a six digit code (much like they'd provided me the codes to decrypt SIVA clusters in the past) to gain access to underground tunnels for the Leviathan. After a few hours of wandering aimlessly in the bowels of the ship (I'll never be able to get the soot stains off my favorite vestments…), we finally found his "Throne Room." The floors were made of what appeared to crystalized wine. We found Shadow continually trying to lick the floors, which… ugh… I just can't. Anyway, as we began to do battle with the Cabal forces that this Emperor Calus sent at us, we were all of a sudden transported to another dimension. He must be proficient in the art of Hive Sword Logic as well! This made me recall my experiences for being torn during my fights with Crota. If this Calus had a psychic link to another dimension… there must also be a way to manipulate this link between worlds to effectively sabotage his control on this world.

Indeed there was! Radegast's Extra Detailed Data's IT department came through again! Our fireteam would distract Calus with various awful dancing techniques right at his feet. This would cause Calus to become angry and destroy my companions, and while it would be painful for them I'd be burning myself alive… so it's all fair play. As our Ghosts worked on bringing us back from the brink, I'd utilize my knowledge of the link between dimensions… the burning myself alive created an interesting scenario in which my mental link was inserted into Calus's psychic link in which he'd control his troops. I found that if I transmatted myself out of his chamber at just the right second, the link to his troops would dissipate and as we'd confront him the next time, he would have no reinforcements. This was a major boon for us. Unfortunately he was still able to transport our team to his other realm. This other realm seemed to defy all physics as we know it. It did not abide the laws of the Hive Ascendant Realms as I knew it. It seemed to be only a shadow of the other dimensions we'd visited before. This caused much confusion in communication as well as movement patterns that prevented us from destroying Calus. We decided we needed to regroup to understand Calus's other realm.